Successful Raleigh real estate agents almost universallyshare some common personality traits. Among them is one skill that’s not usuallymentioned when it comes to real estate agent requirements. By the time we’vebeen on the job for long, Raleigh real estate agents have necessarily become really experienced and skilled drivers!

When I’m chauffeuring a buyer on a Raleigh property tour,the car radio is turned down. That’s because we have much to chatabout—everything from impressions from the homes we’ve just seen and backgroundinformation on the next to the latestintelligence on neighborhood happenings. It’s an enjoyable part of my day.

But when I’m by myself, driving solo to or from anappointment, the radio is probably on. That’s how I know that all summer longthere’s been a raft of commercials from a company pitching the idea that truly successful people don’t spend 24 hours aday tending to their main business. The most accomplished among them know “thesecret” of how to control “both money andtime” (by which is meant their owntime). The spiel is actually a promotion for a self-help company that promisesto school their customers in “how to create multiple income streams.”

I couldn’t agree more. Not about that self-help company,which may or may not dispense useful advice. I mean about the genius offostering multiple income streams. Raleigh real estate agents have seen it inpractice, and it works as advertised.

Even better, you don’t have to take a special course in businessstrategy to cash in on the concept. Just identify one of the current Raleighlistings that would make a good rental property, double-check the arithmeticthat forecasts positive cash flow combined with underlying principalappreciation, and act to become one of Raleigh’s real estate investors withmultiple income streams generated by Raleigh rental properties.

I know how to help with the whole process of broadeningyour income sources. It’s a process that can start as soon as you give me acall!